Ashiatsu Massage

Registered Massage Therapy like you've never experienced!

Ashiatsu is a form of Massage Therapy where the Therapist uses their feet instead of their hands! This treatment is wonderful if you need a deep tissue, decompressing, and truly unique Massage.

Teen Ballet Dancer

Movement & NKT Assessment

Don't chase the symptom, find the cause!

Want better posture, more mobility & less stiffness? We will use these powerful assessment tools to get you there faster, easier, and with lasting results!

Pouring Honey

Nutrition Coaching

Overcome your challenges and live the life you were meant to!

Holistic Nutrition Coaching means you have the right facts, the best plan, and unlimited support to identify what patterns in your diet and lifestyle have been keeping you from looking and feeling your absolute best!


Swedish Massage

30 Minutes $70

45 Minutes $85

60 Minutes $95

75 Minutes $115

90 Minutes $140

120 Minutes $165

First visit?

We’ll need more time to give you a proper assessment and be able to provide you with the best treatment for your needs!

Inital  Assesment & Treatment (75 minutes) $115

Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy

30 Minutes $75

45 Minutes $90

60 Minutes $100

75 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $145

120 Minutes $170

One on one Holistic Nutrition Coaching

There are a few options available for custom Nutrition Assessments and coaching. Please book your free 20 minute discovery call to tell me more about what you are looking for!

FREE 20 Minute Discovery Call!