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Are you ready to release the stress that’s been holding you back from embodying your true, energetic, and vibrant self?

You've come to the
right place!

Hi, I'm Ellie!
I am a:
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Ashiatsu Therapist
Neurokinetic Therapist (NKT)

Holistic Nutritionist (CNP)
Intuitive Energy Healer

And I am excited to help you rediscover your relaxed, centred and healthiest self.

Why did I become a Health & Wellness Therapist?
Because I know what it feels like to want the right support, care and guidance. 
I am here because I love seeing my clients shine, whether through Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching to heal from burnout or to have a deep relaxing massage to ease stress, muscle tension & to feel great in your body.
The better you feel, the more you enjoy your life!
I want to help get you from how you're feeling now to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.
We will do the deep work together to heal and break free from trauma, stress and limiting beliefs so that you can meet your potential.
You deserve to feel supported and experience what it feels like to thrive instead of just survive.
Came with shooting back pain from my lower back to my toes also deep tension pain from my neck down to the middle of my back, but left a smile from ear to ear and with no pain!
Thank you so much Elissa !!!!
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Geoff M

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